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So college kids eat dinonuggets too ok #uncsa

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Anonymous said: 23. fears, 34. most embarrassing moment, 47. turn ons

23. Alone, spiders, apparently I’m afraid of crickets now as I discovered today, depression, the unknown, the dark, him and her.

34. Probably when I tried to get into my friends car but it was actually not my friends car and the woman inside almost died from being so scared and then two years later that same woman was teaching me algebra and I never told her it was me.

47. Confidence, looking me in the eyes to smile, CROP TOPS AND HIGH WAISTED SHORTS, females you know

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I have an amazing friend who agreed to be the model for my first cover photo to my piano series! I can&#8217;t wait to actually get ahold of one of these!! foster-is-my-name is the amazing artist PLEASE show her some love :)

These pieces are described as a testament to humanity, a musical analysis of the human emotions. The finished book will contain 6 pieces entitled: 

What Remains
with Love 
Moving on

I hope you stay tuned for live recordings. The live recording for Validity will be up within in next few days.

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